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Various Morse Code AZ

4.0 ( 9520 ratings )
Estilo de vida Entretenimiento
Desarrollador Yohei Seki

This app can convert a dot(period[.]) and a dash(hyphen[-]) and a space of morse code to any words by replacement.

Id like to see using morse, but its boring!

You can change a symbol of morse for the any words at such time and exchange a message funnily!

[How to use]
1. Input replaced words to [.], [-], [space].
2. Input "plain of alphanumeric" or "morse code" to a text area of above.
3. Choose "Code" or "Plain" by a switch button.
4. Then the conversion result is shown to a text area of under.
The plain corresponds to only "alphanumeric". Words in correspondence outside arent converted.
Make replaced words([.], [-], [space]) separate completely. When there is same words, you cant sometimes convert right.

[Example ]
Example1. [.]: ow, [-]: b, [space]: !
"DOG" => "bowow!bbb!bbow!"

Example2. [.]: h, [-]: a, [space]: i
"Laugh" => "hahhihaihhaiaahihhhhi"